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Programme offers boats ‘hassle-free’ access

Updated: May 12, 2021

A “hassle-free” option is on the horizon for people who want to enjoy time out on the water, but do not want the expense of ownership and maintenance of a boat.

The Island Boat Club, a new boat membership programme, was designed to give members unlimited access to high-quality boats designed for Bermuda’s waters, without the extra expenses, including insurance, mooring fees, cleaning and repairs.

Jack Bridges, 29, came up with the concept of the boat membership club, which is expected to be up and running next month.

He said: “Having grown up on the water and around boats from the age of 12, I know how much joy it can bring, but I’m also aware of the challenges and hassles of boat ownership.

“Many people love getting out on the water, but don’t have the time to look after a boat, or perhaps they travel frequently and know they won’t use it as much as they would like to.

“With the Island Boat Club, you can enjoy the freedom of a hop-on, hop-off boat at your fingertips without these worries.”

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