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Boat Membership Programme To Launch

Updated: May 12, 2021

A new boat membership programme, Island Boat Club, is coming soon. Bermudian founder Jack Bridges, 29, announced the new concept earlier this month, which will allow for members to access boats for a monthly membership fee.

“The club takes the hassle out of owning a boat, giving members unlimited access to high quality vessels designed for Bermuda’s waters, without the responsibility of maintenance, upkeep, insurance, mooring fees, cleaning, and repairs. Island Boat Club will provide members with comprehensive, complimentary training to ensure they are comfortable and confident on the water,” a spokesperson explained.

The idea for the club was hatched in 2019. Mr. Bridges said, ‘I had heard of ‘Car Clubs’ in the U.S. where people buy into a club and get to spend time driving luxury cars for a monthly membership fee.

“You get to enjoy the lifestyle without the astronomical initial purchase price, for something that would likely be only used occasionally anyways. That sparked my idea to research ‘Boat Membership Clubs’ and realised this was an emerging concept in many places around the world. It seemed like a great idea for Bermuda and would fill a gap in the market.”

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